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Smart Demand Prediction

  • Free cash from dead inventory
  • Reduce wasted perishable goods
  • Maximize the benefits of seasonal sales
  • Keep stock optimum - no excesses, no shortages
  • Have peace of mind

What is demand prediction?

Demand prediction is a process that takes historical sales data and uses it to make estimations (or predictions) about customer demand in the future. For enterprises, demand forecasting allows for estimating how many goods or services will sell and how much inventory needs to be ordered.

Demand prediction lays the foundation for many other critical business assumptions such as turnover, profit margins, cash flow, capital expenditure, and capacity planning. Demand forecasting is often associated with managerial economics and supply chain management, but it applies to every company in every industry.

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Totally customized service

We provide totally customized demand prediction service for all types of business including physical stores, ecommerce and point of sale. Smart demand prediction is created with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This system gets better every day with its self-learning abilities. We create, update, maintain, monitor, and modify algorithms for each business separately, and strive to provide accurate demand prediction at affordable price every day.

We can calculate demand for seasonality, holidays, back-to-school, and special events. Demand prediction is also created for different discounts, promotions, marketing campaign, or new item launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing is very simple and transparent. For 10 items or less $9.99 per month. For more than 10 items, $0.99 per item per month. If you are selling more than 100 items, please contact us for special pricing.
No. We do not ask for a credit card. There is no risk of recurrent charges. It is simple and transparent.
We take data security very seriously. From the upload of data to generating predictions, all data is stored securely and encrypted. We sign a non-disclosure agreement for data. In addition, we recommend not to use item name or category name when you send data. Use item and category codes like ‘A123’ or ‘C201’. This will ensure that the data will remain totally anonymous.
Predictions are done once a day for all items, categories, and point of sale. The predictions will be calculated for the next 30 days. It means you will get 30 numbers for each item every day, including holidays. It will work like a weather forecast and will be updated daily for the next 30 days.
We need sales numbers for each item, category, or point of sale. We recommend at least one year or more. It helps us to calculate the effect of seasonality, trends, and other factors in making accurate predictions. If you want to calculate the effect of weather, discounts, seasons, or any other factors, we need that information as well.
We use machine learning and deep learning. We regularly update our methods to make more accurate predictions. As this is an evolving system, you will get better predictions every day.
Yes. We can do accurate predictions for all related factors. We can provide ‘what-if’ predictions. For example, what would be sales if I increase my discount to 10% or what if the weather turns very cold. These types of calculations are incorporated in predictions to help get accurate results.
We offer a simple challenge. We provide the last 30 days' sales prediction. You can compare those predictions with your actual numbers which you do not give us. If those numbers are within satisfactory range, then you can go ahead. There is no charge for this challenge, and it is risk-free.

Why choose us

We strive hard to provide the best possible demand predictions. You can count on us for better inventory management.

If you are interested in trying it out, we offer the first month free of cost with zero risk.

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